Behind The Spots

Rainy days with alternative punky colorsThrough well-defined goals I become as flexible as I need to be for delivering an optimal experience.(X)HTML and CSS are constants within my previous experience and self-enrichment.  In this, I also value versatility of information's flow, with much of my goal devoted to bridging the gap between function, form, and design.  Passion and perchance come into play in near everything I do in life. There are many ways a task can be done, and I make those methods part of my toolbox.

Experimentation cannot be extracted from my vocabulary. The desire to analyze the code before me creeps into my thoughts, when I look over design and function as a whole. That passion helps me effectively dissect code from a given library or other colleague (when considering a collaborative effort). Simply put, when given wiggle room, I will implore this skill to bridge gaps and improve my workflow.

Graphic Arts Resume

Posted by Mary Watson - Aug 19, 11:24 AM.
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