A to Z Magazines (Drupal)

Project Type(s): Themes, Templates, & Skins

This project wasnt just about designing (a template) for a website, it was about building it from the ground up. Client had some very specific needs for the payment process, including recurring subscriptions, collapsible checkout panes, and a way of issuing follow-up notifications and newsletters to current customers.  For this reason, upgrade from Drupal 6 to 7 was avoided, finally choosing Ubercart as the best shopping cart candidate.  

Even the original client's logo (before the project was abandoned) was pretty basic and simple.  So, I didnt have much to go on for creating a theme, save for 3 basic colors for my palette.  Using custom Drupal views, A to Z included a "Featured Products" display carousel.  Sidebar headers used enhanced aesthetics, the rounded corners and shadow effects implemented with CSS3PIE for optimal Internet Explorer compatibility.

Drupal template work for A to Z Magazines



Disclaimer:This theme was developed off of the Fusion Theme Framework. Not an actual magazine company.