Wild Gasmasks Version 4.0 (Wordpress)

Project Type(s): Themes, Templates, & Skins

Showcase site built using Wordpress. Wildgasmasks was switched from a raw coded theme into Wordpress, for easy content managing.  With the addition of the Custom Content Type Manager(CCTM) plugin, product oriented content types were created.

Each product page has a main image and then a scrolling carousel for additional thumbnails. Information tabs display the description and custom fields for product's available options.  Upon click, data from the CCTM is called with jQuery effects enhancing the additional information displayed.  Products are made to order as they are requested, with people interested in tracking thier order as it travels through the queue. CCTM uses additional functionality with automatic emails being sent throughout stages in the process. A useful widget dynamically appears on the side to help. 

Framework of this theme provides a responsive layout, with mobile menus appearing at the 800 pixels wide. Sidebar widgets remain dynamic, displaying related information alonside the main content. Display of backgrounds and other layered elements was achieved through CSS breakpoints. 

Header Graphics: Justin Huang
Order Queue Notification Script: George Popov

Wildgasmasks Version 4.0 2-column layout.
Wildgasmasks Version 4.0 2-column layout, with display of product showcase
Wildgasmasks Version 4.0 2-column layout, with display of accessories listing
Wildgasmasks Version 4.0 2-column layout, with an example of a gallery page


Created for: Wild Gasmasks

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