Wildgasmasks E-Commerce Website

Project Type(s): Simple HTML & CSS

Default HTML/CSS site design for Wildgasmasks.com.  Client requested a simple 1990's-esque design (for simply getting the info up)during the first year or so, but wanted an equally simple revamp for it.

Right and left cornerstones were created from a picture of a latex sheet.  Symbols were created and beveled in Adobe Illustrator for the right side symbols.  On the upper left cornerstone, I used a gas mask image created in 3D, as well as Illustrator.  

Coding features included a modified rollover script from Corin Nyugen . The front page's random image "slideshow" was done with a script created by Tyler Clark. Special thinks to Iconian for his great "7th Service" font.

HTML/CSS Website for Wildgasmasks

Created for: Wild Gasmasks


Disclaimer:Some content on site is Not Safe For Work.